Types Fees
Regular Registration (First Paper)430 USD/2800 RMB (One Paper)
Student registration400 USD/2600 RMB (Each Paper)
Additional Page(s) (Exceeding 6 Pages)60 USD/400 RMB (Each Page)
2rd, 3rd, ......Paper360 USD/2400 RMB (Each Paper)
Team Author ≥ 5 Papers300 USD/2200 RMB (Each Paper)
Spectators (Non-Presenting Participants)190 USD/1200 RMB (Each Person)

Details about Registration Fees

1. The regular registration fee is RMB 2800 or USD 430 for the first article, for a Full-time Student (first author) the registration fee is RMB 2600 or USD 400 for the first article (the valid university identification card is required).
2. Each paid registration only covers one paper, you can pay Extra Paper Charge RMB 2400 or USD 360 for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration for a additional paper.
3. If the length of the paper exceeds 6 pages, the cost of Each Extra Page (begin with page 7) is RMB 400 or USD 60.
4. Each registration fee include conference materials, lunches, coffee Breaks and conference Kits during the conference.
5. At least one author of each accepted final paper must pre-register.
6. At least one author of each article should attend to the conference.
7. The maximum number of the accepted articles from one author is two.
8. If you are willing to attend the conference and do presentation without publishing your paper, please apply to us by E-mail.
9. Please make sure that we can get the whole registration fee after through the bank system.
10. The registration fee does not include:

*Accommodation fee

*Visa application fee

*Transportation fee