The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Signals and Systems for Intelligent Image Processing, Computer Vision and related areas. Scholars at home and abroad are welcomed to submit articles and participate in the conference.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. 3D Image Representation

3D Image Transformation

3D Tensor Image Representation

3D Content Generation Technologies

3D Imaging Technology and Applications

3D Graphic Information Processing

3D Measurement and Standards

VR Content Generation Technologies

Multi-Dimensional Image Processing

2. 3D Image Technology

3D Printing Technology

Naked 3D Display

Dynamic 3D Display

Auxiliary 3D Display

VR/AR/MR Device

VR Camera Technology

3D Deep Learning

Other New Display Technologies

3. 3D Image and Graphics

Three-Dimensional (3D) Image Processing and Reconstruction

3D Image Processing and Encoding

3D Image Analysis and Recognition

3D Image and Video Understanding

3D Computer Vision

3D Computer Graphics and Visualization

3D GIS and Graphic Database

3D Graphics Algorithm

3D Geometric Modeling

3D VR (Virtual Reality)/AR (Augmented Reality)

3D Game Development Platform

3D Image Graphics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

3D Image Graphics Applications

3D Video Communications

3D Medical Image Processing and Analysis

3D Remote Sensing Images and Systems

3D Animation and Industrial Applications

 4. Computing and 3D Information Technology

Generic and Fuzzy Systems for MD Image Processing, Analysis and Recognition

Reasoning-Based Intelligent Systems for MD Image Processing

Microprocessors for 3D Data Processing

High Performance Computers for 3D Data

Objects Detection and Tracking, Based on MD Image Processing

Advanced 3D Computing Systems

MD Image Processing in Robot Systems

Real-Time MD Image Processing Systems and Transmission

Surveillance Systems, Based on Intelligent MD Image Processing

Intelligent Analysis of MD Medical Images

Learning-Based MD Image Processing and Expert Systems

Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Networks and Systems for 3D Image Transmission

3D Decision Support System

3D Big Data

3D Big Data-Storage Technology

3D Big Data Networks and Technology

3D Big Data Intelligent Processing

3D Big Data Cryptography and Security Protocol

3D Big Data Security

3D Internet Technology

3D Visual Quality Estimation and Measurement

3D Information Systems

Adaptive MD Filtration 

5. Multidimensional signal, image, and video processing and coding

Multidimensional Multi-component Image Processing;

Multidimensional Image Representation and Super-Resolution;

Compression of Multidimensional Spatio-Temporal Images;

Multidimensional systems and signal processing

Multidimensional Image Transmission Systems

Applications of multidimensional signal processing

Applications of multidimensional systems

Prediction and filtering of multidimensional processes

Spatial-temporal signal processing

Multidimensional filters and filter-banks

Intelligent Multi-Spectral and Hyper-Spectral Image Processing

Intelligent Multi-View Image Processing

6. Deep Learning

Deep neural networks: new approaches in the architectures development

Deep learning in the medical image analysis

Deep learning for image restoration

Deep learning for image recognition

Deep learning in the bioinformatics

Deep learning for automatic speech recognition

7. Applications and mathematical approaches

Intelligent Analysis of MD Medical Images

Learning-Based MD Image Processing and Expert Systems

Neural Networks for MD Image Processing

MD Image Preprocessing for Pattern Recognition

Data-Based MD Image Retrieval and Knowledge Data Mining

Watermarking, Hiding and Encryption of MD Images

Intelligent Visualization of MD Images

Web-Based Search Systems for MD Images

Forensic Analysis Systems for MD Images

Array signal processing

Morphological systems for multidimensional signal processing

Mathematics in multidimensional signal processing

Deep learning theory

Applications of artificial intelligence